Types of Residential Tree Services

Tree care is a vital part of responsible home ownership. Proper landscaping and tree care can also upgrade your property’s value and its degree of safety. There are several residential tree services available year-round; however, there are a few that should be considered a “must-do” for every homeowner. Read on to catch up on these important tree services you shouldn’t be skipping this spring and summer!

Basic Tree Care Services

The most highly recommended tree service, especially for new home owners, is general tree inspection. If you are purchasing, or already live on, a property that has older or larger trees, it is crucial to have them inspected by a professional tree service company. Older trees can be especially problematic because aging trees are often in decline when it comes to stability. Old trees are at risk of cracking, falling, and creating dangerous obstructions or structural damages to its surrounding environment. A licensed tree care professional can inspect and accurately determine the health and safety of your trees to avoid potential accidents or risks.

Another important service is basic tree removal. If a professional tree care company identifies dead or diseased trees on a property, tree removal is in order. In most cases, trees are removed to reduce potential dangers; but they are also commonly cut down and removed for lot clearing, new developments, and aesthetic landscaping. It is highly recommended to have a qualified and experienced company facilitate risky tree services such as removal. Although it may seem like a simple task, there is much more involved in tree removal than a person would think. A professional company retains industry knowledge, experience, and the proper technologies to safely and effectively cut down trees.

Storm damage, tree trimming, and pruning services are all important tree care options as well. When a tree is struck by lightning, it becomes a hazard; making tree service a priority. Regular tree trimming for overgrown branches and limbs is important in order to reduce clogged gutters, damages roof shingles, and more.

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