When Does Tree Trimming Become Necessary?

Trees are wonderful assets and additions to our outdoor landscaping, but they do require regular maintenance and care for several reasons. Tree trimming is one of the most important tasks to keep up with, in order to achieve proper and safe tree ownership. Continue reading to find out when it is time to trim your trees.

Low Hanging Branches

Some trees, such as Oaks, can grow to extreme heights. This includes the limbs and branches too. Low hanging branches is a dead giveaway that your tree needs to be trimmed immediately. This is because low hanging tree limbs can create huge obstructions and become messy liabilities. These branches can clog gutters and severely interfere with other drainage. These situations can be costly to repair and may not be covered in your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Long tree limbs that hang low can also get in the way of joggers, cyclists, walkers, and other pedestrians passing by. This can create an issue with your home owners association if you have one. Not only can these low tree branches scratch and get in the way of passers, they can be long enough to trespass and reach your neighbor’s property line. Having your tree limbs clog and obstruct your neighbors gutters and property can be another messy situation that can be avoided with some routine tree trimming.

Dangerous Tree Limbs

One of the scariest situations with long tree limbs is the potential for them to break off and fall. Depending on the size of the tree, some branches are very large and can crush a car, or worse, a person! If your tree branches happen to fall onto another person’s property, it can easily cause structural damages or personal injury. This could be a lawsuit waiting to happen so be sure to trim any branches that may seem too long or unsteady. These same scenarios can also happen on your own property.

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