Stump Removal Options and Alternatives

Unwanted tree stumps in the ground can also be unsightly, depending on whom you ask. If it’s the homeowners, they would certainly agree that their stumps are an eye sore. Not only are tree stumps an unattractive feature, they can be problematic as well. Roots can hinder underground piping and cause structural damages, improper natural decay can attract nuisance pests like termites, and they are so difficult to mow around! There are several ways to remove tree stumps on residential or commercial properties, some of which are even natural. Continue reading to take a closer look at all the options you have when it comes to getting rid of tree stumps for good.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the fastest and most effective approach to removing tree stumps. The only catch is that is has to be facilitated by a professional tree care company that retains the proper equipment and technologies to safely execute the job. Stump grinding is too dangerous for a novice because it requires heavy machinery and acute industry knowledge. They cannot simply be “dug up” and removed. Stump grinding is the process in which a mechanical grinder grinds the stump down below grade level, so that new grass can grow over it. Once all parts of the stump are ground up, they can easily be removed manually. Although a more expensive option, it is the quickest, safest, and most guaranteed.

Stump Removal Chemicals

Another approach to tree stump removal is using a chemical solution. A person can purchase stump removal solutions and chemicals at their local home goods or gardening store. It is specially formulated to break down the bark and dissolve the wood, overtime. Typically, a person will drill holes into the stump and the pour the solution into the holes. The downfall to this option is that it takes several months to completely get rid of stumps. Even if the stumps eventually atrophy, the roots will still remain underground which can pose problems in the future. This is not the most recommended alternative to tree stump removal, but it is a choice amongst some Hoosiers.

Natural Tree Stump Removal

If a person was looking for a more holistic approach to getting rid of tree stumps, then soil is their answer. Covering a tree stump with garden soil will eventually promote natural decay and rot. Because the stump is covered in soil, pests or insects cannot gain access to the organic compost and will eventually leave. This approach will work best for smaller stumps, and unfortunately, takes a very long time.

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