Effective Leaf Removal Tips for Homeowners

When we start to see the tree leaves falling and turning colors, we know that the seasons are changing. Although the pretty fall colors are easy to admire, most homeowners would rather admire them somewhere other than their own property. We take pride in our landscapes and remain eager to improve on it all year round. When the leaves fall, it can certainly interrupt a beautiful looking lawn. Although we don’t really enjoy leave removal, there are some helpful techniques that can speed up the process. Continue reading to catch up on some quick and effective leaf removal tips for residential and commercial properties.

Raking Leaves

Raking is the most basic and common strategy when it comes to removing leaves from lawns, yards, driveways, and more. Although it can be laborious and time-consuming, leaf raking is an age-old method of leaf removal that has proven to be reliable and effective at the same time. To save time and energy, use a wide-clawed rake that has an extra-wide raking surface for faster leaf removal. Be sure to continue moving your feet around to avoid any strain on the back. Try to not bend and stretch your back because this can cause soreness and possible injury. Hold the rake in front of your and walk backwards as you work.

Leaf Blowers

Although leaf blowers are more expensive than a rake, they are becoming the more desirable method of residential and commercial leaf removal. This is because they do faster work in less amount of time. So long as the leaves are dry, electric and gas powered leaf blowers work very well. They can eliminate a large pile or accumulation of leaves in a yard in less than half the time it would take using a rake!

Once the dry leaves are removed, it only requires a minimal amount of manual labor to remove the wet leaves stuck to the grass, pavement, or ground. There are a few drawbacks to leaf blowers that might be important to know. For example, some leaf blowers are gas powered, which can be more expensive (buying gasoline), and worse for the environment. Also, they are more expensive and can be loud; so use them during an appropriate time of day!


Before attempting to rake the leaves in your yard, determine whether or not it’s the right time. Meaning, if it is early autumn, then your grass is still growing; so you do not need to rake quite yet. Instead, drive your lawn mower over them to grind them up and use them as grass food or bag them and toss them away. Contrastingly, in late fall, grass has stopped growing and the leaves can be removed.

Leaf and Tree Care in Indianapolis, Indiana

If the leaves on your trees are giving you concern, call Budget Tree Removal at 317-590-1842 for licensed tree care in Indianapolis, Indiana. Curt Scott, owner and operator, is happy to give you advice about your tree leaves and how to guarantee bountiful blossoms in spring and summer. We also offer free estimates, discounts, tree care coupons, DIY advice, and more! If you have questions about how to stop the leaves from falling of your trees next year, give us a call at 317-590-1842 for professional Indianapolis tree care advice and service.

Commercial Tree Removal Services

Trees and landscaping can certainly add more appeal to commercial properties and complexes. It is important to care for aesthetic trees such as these, to promote healthy foliage and long-lasting beauty. Because trees can upgrade the appearance of a commercial property, they have become important assets to many property owners.

Fortunately for these busy business owners, there are various commercial tree services they can outsource on a variety of schedules. Continue reading to learn more about the basic tree services recommended for commercial properties and complexes.

Basic Tree Removal and Care

Of course one of the services offered to commercial property owners is simple, general tree care. This involved tree trimming, tree pruning, tree shaping, crown reduction, tree fertilizing, tree thinning, dead-wooding, and more. Basically, any service offered to residential property owners is also available to commercial campuses and complexes. Here is a list of basic tree services for commercial properties:

• Tree Removal
• Tree Trimming
• Tree Pruning
• Shaping
• Thinning
• Leaf Removal
• Fertilization
• Stump Grinding
• Stump Removal
• Crown Reduction
• Tree Planting
• Disease Control
• Repairs and Restorations
• Pest Control
• And More

Commercial Tree Services

When it comes to commercial properties, specifically, there are a few extra services that are available to them. In some cases, these commercial services can also be applied to residential tree care, but it’s not common. Here is a list of more specialized commercial tree care services for large properties, complexes, and outdoor campuses:

• Lot Clearing
• Regular Tree Feedings
• Landscaping
• Tree Injections
• Tree Restorations
• Crown Balancing
• Tree Cavity Work
• And More

Commercial tree care is a reliable way to make sure the trees and landscaping stay healthy and beautiful throughout the entire year. Be sure to look for companies with proper licensing and experience for the best service in town. Look for licenses and qualifications; as well as, years in service, service capabilities, insurance, and good company reviews.

Commercial Tree Services in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Budget Tree Care for commercial tree services in Indianapolis, Indiana. Myself, Curt Scott, and my team of licensed and experience tree care technicians can provide a wide variety of tree services for commercial and residential properties. We offer all the services mentioned above, as well as, free estimates, DIY advice, coupons, discounts, referrals, references, and more. Call us at 317-590-1842 for advice and accurate information about commercial tree services in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties.