Wooded Lot? Consider Professional Lot Clearing Services

Homeowners and property owners everywhere are dissatisfied with their wooded lots. In order to make room for new construction, building, and excavation projects, trees, shrubbery, hills, and more need to be leveled and removed. So who can provide this type of service? The answer is a professional tree removal and service company.

Licensed and experienced companies that retain the proper equipment, training, and qualifications, can offer lot clearing services for residential or commercial construction. Lot clearing involves a comprehensive agenda and specialized tools and training to facilitate safely within a timely fashion. If you need to get rid of a wooded lot, call a professional tree service company in your city. Continue reading to learn more about lot clearing and the process it involves; as well as, where to find reputable service you can trust.

Commercial and Residential Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is not just for new construction; or for homeowners that wish to remove a selection of trees in order to install a new backyard swimming pool. Lot clearing can also be a service for storm damage victims. An abundance of trees, bushes, shrubbery, dirt, branches, and storm debris can be quite overwhelming at first site. Fortunately, there is a professional service that provides assistance with cleanups such as these. Not all tree service companies provide lot clearing services. These services are usually offered by more seasoned and experienced tree service companies.

Removing a large number of trees and landscaping can be strenuous and complex. It is never recommended for a novice or amateur to attempt tree removal on their own. It can be very dangerous and a person can get face potential injury or death. Always outsource a professional tree removal company for lot clearing service and storm damage cleanup and repair.

Professionals are highly trained, licensed, and certified to use the equipment necessary for proper lot clearing and tree removal. These instruments include high powered chain saws, timber jack tools, heavy-duty chains, cranes, tractors, excavators, bulldozers, more. These machines, tools, and equipment require expert training and certification for safe and proper operation.

Indianapolis Lot Clearing Services

If you are looking to remove a large number of trees and landscaping from your residential or commercial property, trust Budget Tree Care for safe and affordable Indianapolis lot clearing services and tree removal. Owner, Curt Scott, and his team of highly trained, experienced, and licensed tree care technicians provide exceptional tree services at prices home and business owners can afford. We retain the latest technologies and state of the art equipment that allows us to facilitate a wide range of Indianapolis tree services, including lot clearing and more. Call us today at 317-590-1842 for a free estimate or information about tree removal or lot clearing services in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties.

Tree Bark Damage and Repair

Trees are inspirational and aesthetically pleasing. They are admired most for their gift of shade, bountiful harvests, beautiful scenery, and their part in nature’s course. This is why it is troubling to see trees whose bark has been damaged by harsh weather, vandalism, lawn mowers, wild animals, and more. Tree bark is important for a trees health because it protects the conductive wood and tissue beneath. Continue reading to learn how to repair damaged tree bark, and who to call for accurate and professional tree care advice.

Tree Bark Repair

When tree bark is damaged, the underlying tissue and wood can be exposed and detrimental to the tree. It is crucial to act fast before the tree becomes even more vulnerable; leading to extensive bark damage and overall harm. In short, when you see damaged tree bark, a few things will be in order right away. These include:

• Removing the Loose Tree Bark
• Facilitate Comprehensive Cultural Care
• Provide Adequate Irrigation
• Provide Adequate Fertilization
• Possible Bridge Grafting
• Preventing Further Damages and Threats

To remove loose tree bark, a person will need sterile and sharp pruning shears or a knife. Look for any bark that is loose, flapping, or bruised. This is the bark that will need to be cut off. It is important for a person to not damage the wood that is still alive and intact. Cutting right at the line of decay is the best point of reference for safe tree bark removal. Providing adequate water and fertilizer is crucial in order to reduce the potential for tree disease and vulnerability. It also promotes strong and sturdy tree growth and tissue repair. When tree bark is wounded or exposed, various wood-eating and burrowing pests can invade the tree. Emerald Ash Borers, Wood Beetles, and more can harm a tree’s health and damage it even further.

Indianapolis Indiana Tree Bark Repair Services

For more information about tree bark repair and tree bark damages in Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-590-1842 today. We are Budget Tree Care and we offer a wide range of services for wounded and diseased trees. Owner, Curt Scott, and the rest of our tree care team can facilitate proficient and effective Indianapolis tree services that can save or repair damaged trees. We also offer tree removal, tree transplanting, tree care, tree service, disease control, trimming, lot clearing, pruning, tree topping, and much more. Call 317-590-1842 for a free estimate regarding tree service or repair for damaged tree bark and more in Indianapolis, IN.

How to Protect your Landscaping Trees when Shoveling Snow

If you live in Indiana, or a region of the country where snow is likely come wintertime, then you may face a separate agenda for landscaping care then the rest of the nation. Snow fall can bring beautiful ambiance and family fun; however, when it comes to your beloved landscaping and trees, snow can be a faint threat unless confronted properly. It is important as a home or property owner to know how to take care of landscaping and trees.

Your trees reduce outside noise, allow privacy, encourage wind flow for cool breezes in summer, and much more. Be sure to protect your investments and sustain an aesthetically pleasing outdoor ambiance by learning about proper winter tree and landscaping care. Continue reading to learn, specifically, how to shovel snow without harming trees and landscaping on your property this winter.

Snow and Ice Removal Products Can Cause Landscaping and Tree Damages

When the snow comes down, we begin our wintertime rituals. This includes sprinkling our de-icing products, salting our driveways, and of course, shoveling snow. Unfortunately, some products on the market today may contain ingredients that are harmful to our trees and landscaping. Materials like rock salt and other de-icers can contain elements like sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride; all of which can be harmful to vegetation if over applied. Urea, a plant fertilizer is another strategy used to melt snow and ice; but it can also harm plants and trees if over applied. Common damages are dead grass and plants, scald pots, burn marks, cracked bark, peeling tree bark, and many more.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to using harsh products with high salt amounts. For example, many property owners are discovering that environmentally friendly options work well. Materials like sand, sawdust, wood shavings, granite dust, and even cat litter are safe for pets and the environment. They are also cheaper and can potentially save a person hundreds of dollars each year!

Proper Snow Shoveling Can Eliminate Tree Damages

When it comes to actually shoveling snow, it is important to take your time. Improper use of a shovel can damage plants, roots, and trees. It can be difficult determining where a plant lies, or tree roots begin beneath five inches of snow; but use these guidelines and tips next time you need to shovel your walkways, patios, porches, and driveway:

Safely Shovel Snow around Trees and Landscaping:

• Use a broom to gently sweep the first two layers of snow away from tree bases, plants, and garden perimeters. Sweep gently until base or perimeter is virtually exposed.

• Shovel slowly and in small amounts.

• In heavily covered areas away from trees and landscaping, use the shovel to push the snow rather than lift the snow.

• Use a plastic shovel near trees and foliage rather than aluminum or other metallic shovels. Plastic is less harmful to trees and plants.

• Do not attempt to remove ice from tree limbs. It can cause branches to break off or become damaged.

• Wait until snow and ice are melting to clear covered tree limbs and plants.

Always protect yourself when shoveling snow near covered trees and landscaping. You can easily become injured if a large chunk of ice or snow falls on top of you. Be sure to let a friend or loved one know you are shoveling snow near tall or heavily snow-covered trees before you leave. It is recommended to hire professional snow removal companies to assist you in difficult or dangerous snow removal jobs. For easier tasks, be sure to still protect yourself from falling ice, snow, and branches.

Indianapolis Tree Care Professionals

Ask our Indianapolis tree care professionals about removing snow and ice safely this winter. Call 317-590-1842 and speak directly with Curt Scott, owner and operator of Budget Tree Care, or one of our other licensed and experienced tree technicians. We are among the leading tree removal and maintenance companies in Indianapolis and can offer you the most proficient and accurate advice or service for tree care, tree removal, tree diseases, landscaping advice, snow removal, and much more! We service all counties and cities in Indiana! Call 317-590-1842 for any questions or a free estimate for winter tree care in Indianapolis, Indiana and its surrounding counties.