What Are My Options for Getting Rid of a Tree Stump?

If you have a stump taking up valuable lawn space, it is time to learn your options.

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Tree removal is only one aspect of taking down a tree. Once the tree is removed, whether for storm damage, safety, or aesthetics, there is always going to be a stump left behind in its place. Until you remove it, this stump will serve as a constant reminder that your work is not yet finished. Stump removal comes in different forms, so it is important to learn all your options in order to choose the most suitable method for your particular landscape.

There are 3 Options for a Leftover Tree Stump…

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a method that is best carried out by a professional tree service technician. They have the proper training and equipment to provide the service, safely and efficiently. There are several other steps involved in the process, but essentially, a large machine called a stump grinder is used to chip away at the tree stump until it is level to the ground, or just below. This is a very cost-effective and fast solution, but it does not completely eliminate the stump. In certain cases, a stump cannot be in the ground at all. This would call for stump removal.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is much more invasive and tedious, and must also be carried out by a professional tree care team who is trained and experienced. There are several ways to remove a stump, and these methods vary from company to company. The truest method in a fundamental sense is to dig, cut, pull, and repeat. This is more expensive than stump grinding since more labor is involved.

Stump Art

If you do not want to remove the stump at all, you can change into something attractive! You can carve it into a statute, or into a chair! You can also turn it into a bird feeding station, a lawn sign, and more. The artistic possibilities are endless!

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The World’s Largest Sycamore Tree Stump is Located in the Hoosier State!

One of the most common species of tree native to North America is the Sycamore, or Platanus occidentalis. Also called the American Sycamore, Buttonwood, Occidental Plane, and American Planetree, the Sycamore is a beautiful tree easily distinguishable for it’s mottled, exfoliating bark. The bark of a Sycamore flakes off in big, irregular masses, leaving behind a blotchy surface with patterns of green, white, black, and brown bark. Although all trees grow out of their bark in similar ways, the American Sycamore shows these signs more visibly. Another trait that easily distinguishes Sycamore trees from others is the way their leaves grow sticky green buds. And when it comes to growing, Sycamore trees are among the largest!

A Sycamore tree can grow to massive heights and widths. On average, they grow between 90 and 130 feet tall and over 4 feet wide! Have you ever seen a tree so big before? Well in Kokomo, Indiana, you can! At the Kokomo City Park, anyone can witness the largest sycamore tree stump in the world! Continue reading to learn the history of this incredible tree stump!

Visit Kokomo’s Highland Park to See the Largest Tree Stump in the World!

In the early 1900’s, a giant, centuries-old sycamore tree fell from a storm several miles west of Kokomo, Indiana. Although no one could identify exactly how old the tree was, the stump that stood in its place was over 12 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and 57 feet in circumference! A man by the name of Jacob Bergman was the commissioner for the Kokomo City Park at the time. He took a strong liking to the old tree stump and decided it would make a great attraction to honor our state’s pioneer days. For $300, Bergman was able to hire a tractor to pull the stump from the outskirts of Kokomo, all the way to the City Park. This took place on Sunday, June 18th, 1916.

There were many reports that the Sycamore stump would be renovated into an interactive park attraction. Rumors of doors, openings, spiral staircases, and observation decks buzzed around town, but nothing was ever done to the stump. Instead, the tree stump stood in the park for nearly 20 years, taking on an abundance of abuse in the form of name carving and vandalism. So in 1938, Kokomo enlisted the National Youth Administration to build an open air screened-in shelter around the stump to preserve it from harm and deterioration. In 1989, an all-weather glass pavilion was built around it, along with two added wings for a visitation center and another attraction (the world’s largest steer).

WHERE: Highland Park
ADDRESS: Old Ben Drive, Kokomo, Indiana

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Get Rid of Unsightly Tree Stumps for a More Attractive Landscape

Homeowners all over the country desire a more attractive front and backyard. Who doesn’t? Various initiatives like gardening, lawn care, décor, patio construction, and more are useful and effective methods to improving the look of your yard. But these are things you can add or implement to a landscape to make it look better. What about the things you should take away? Unsightly tree stumps and dead trees are ugly and unappealing. These are things that need to be removed to make your property look better. To improve the look of your yards, get rid of unsightly tree stumps as soon as possible, and be on your way to a more attractive landscape.

Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

When it comes to getting rid of tree stumps, a professional tree service is required. They retain the proper licensing, tools, training, and equipment to facilitate these kinds of job safely and correctly. Not only can improper tree work be a hazard to you, it can be a danger to the surrounding property, neighbors, children, houses, parked cars, and more. Tree accidents can be fatal if left in the hands of a novice. Always call a professional tree service company that has the experience to remove tree stumps without jeopardizing the safety and well-being of your property and surrounding landscape.

When it comes to tree stump removal, a professional technician uses a variety of tools and methods for extraction. The type of removal process and tools required for the job largely depends on the size, age, and condition of the stump. A tree service technician will not know which tools and equipment they need until they get their hands on the job and see the stump in person. Tools like manual saws, axes, chainsaws, blades, grinders, ropes, bungee cords, and more are used to remove or grind down tree stumps. Alternative methods to stump removal include the usage of chemicals to breakdown the stump and basically disintegrate it; or covering in topsoil to promote natural decay. The quickest solution to tree stump removal is usually stump grinding. A professional tree care company has what it takes to get this job done for you at the right price.

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What is the Easiest Way to Remove a Tree Stump?

Although removing a tree stump isn’t always necessary, many homeowners desire a more aesthetically pleasing landscape in their front or back yard. This is where stump removal comes into play. For the most part, people want to remove tree stumps simply because they look bad; while in other cases, stumps that are dead need to be removed for the betterment of the surrounding landscape. Either way, tree stump removal is not an easy job for anyone, and it requires patience, timing, tools, and technique. Continue reading to learn the easiest way for homeowners to remove unsightly tree stumps from their beloved personal properties.

Dead Tree Stumps

When a tree stump is dead, it is a target for all types of unwanted pests. Bugs like termites, ants, beetles, spiders, and more are attracted to rotting tree bark and are common visitors to areas such as these. On top of a potential pest problem, a rotting tree trunk can take decades to decompose completely; leaving an ugly chunk of tree in the middle of your yard for years to come.

Live Tree Stumps

In the case that a tree stump is alive, there are still reasons to remove them. Homeowners grow tired of maneuvering around tree trunks while mowing or landscaping, and sometimes the roots can be to extensive causing damages to the underground piping of a home. Either way, tree trunks in this position are ready for removal. Sometimes, a person wishes to remove a tree trunk that is very close to the exterior of a house. Unfortunately, this is not recommended because it can interfere with the structural foundation of a property. In these cases, it is best to consult a professional tree care company for accurate and reliable advice.

Tree Stump Removal

There are several options when it comes to removing tree trunks. These options depend on whether or not you choose to remove the tree stump yourself, or hire a professional tree care company for help. If you choose to hire a tree care company, you have chosen the least stressful and physically exerting option. They retain all the necessary licenses, tools, equipment, training, and experience to facilitate a professional-grade tree job in as little as one afternoon. They are the most reliable option for stump removal outside of a DIY approach. These companies also come insured in case an accident or mishap occurs. If you still decide to remove the stump on your own, here are some tips for the easiest approach to tree stump removal:

  • Dig the Stump Up

This method is not always viable because tree roots can be extensive without a person’s knowledge. If it is a younger tree, then chances are you can dig it up; however, a more mature tree can cost a lot of time, money, and stress trying to dig it up from the ground.

  • Burn the Stump

You can set fire to a tree stump until it is completely burned to the ground; however, it is important to check with your local fire department for assistance, information, and at times, permission. It is not recommended to use this approach as a novice because outdoor fires can get out of hand and out of control, fast.

  • Use Chemical Agents to Break Down the Stump

Many homeowners use chemicals to break down the tree stump over time. This process involves drilling holes into the trunk of the tree, then pouring the store-bought chemical tree stump remover in them. This is all the work that is involved, but it takes months for the trunk to completely die, decompose, and disintegrate.

  • Rent a Stump Grinder

Another option is to rent a stump grinding machine. Professional tree care companies use similar machines; but their machines are often professional-grade and state-of-the-art. The grinders you can rent from your local home goods store will not be the same quality, but can still get the job done. Stump grinders work great because they properly grind up roots, deep root flares, and more. Once the trunk is ground, it is easy to remove the remaining stump pieces. A tool like this usually costs around $250 to rent.

Indianapolis Tree Stump Removal

For more information about tree stump removal in Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-590-1842 today. Budget Tree Care is owned and operated by Curt Scott, who has more than 30 years of experience in the tree care industry. Our teams of highly trained and qualified tree removal technicians are motivated to provide the highest level of tree care in Indiana. We are locally owned and operated, offering tree removal services all over Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. We offer stump removal, tree disease control, pest removal, tree restoration, trimming, shaping, pruning, and much more! Call 317-590-1842 today for a free estimate on stump grinding and tree stump removal in Indianapolis, IN and its nearby counties.

Stump Removal Options and Alternatives

Unwanted tree stumps in the ground can also be unsightly, depending on whom you ask. If it’s the homeowners, they would certainly agree that their stumps are an eye sore. Not only are tree stumps an unattractive feature, they can be problematic as well. Roots can hinder underground piping and cause structural damages, improper natural decay can attract nuisance pests like termites, and they are so difficult to mow around! There are several ways to remove tree stumps on residential or commercial properties, some of which are even natural. Continue reading to take a closer look at all the options you have when it comes to getting rid of tree stumps for good.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the fastest and most effective approach to removing tree stumps. The only catch is that is has to be facilitated by a professional tree care company that retains the proper equipment and technologies to safely execute the job. Stump grinding is too dangerous for a novice because it requires heavy machinery and acute industry knowledge. They cannot simply be “dug up” and removed. Stump grinding is the process in which a mechanical grinder grinds the stump down below grade level, so that new grass can grow over it. Once all parts of the stump are ground up, they can easily be removed manually. Although a more expensive option, it is the quickest, safest, and most guaranteed.

Stump Removal Chemicals

Another approach to tree stump removal is using a chemical solution. A person can purchase stump removal solutions and chemicals at their local home goods or gardening store. It is specially formulated to break down the bark and dissolve the wood, overtime. Typically, a person will drill holes into the stump and the pour the solution into the holes. The downfall to this option is that it takes several months to completely get rid of stumps. Even if the stumps eventually atrophy, the roots will still remain underground which can pose problems in the future. This is not the most recommended alternative to tree stump removal, but it is a choice amongst some Hoosiers.

Natural Tree Stump Removal

If a person was looking for a more holistic approach to getting rid of tree stumps, then soil is their answer. Covering a tree stump with garden soil will eventually promote natural decay and rot. Because the stump is covered in soil, pests or insects cannot gain access to the organic compost and will eventually leave. This approach will work best for smaller stumps, and unfortunately, takes a very long time.

For more information about tree stump removal and stump grinding, call Budget Tree Care in Indianapolis at 317-590-1842 today! You can reach the owner, Curt Scott, and his team of licensed and qualified tree care specialists, day or night. They are happy to answer any questions you have about tree removal, stump grinding, costs, discounts, and more. For more than 30 years, Budget Tree Care has served Indiana with safe, effective, and reliable tree work. Call Curt Scott at 317-590-1842 for quality tree care in Indianapolis, IN.