Types of Winter-Resistant Tree Species

When you are planning your new landscaping scheme, you may want to make future considerations regarding weather and climate changes. In Indiana, we experience a wide range of seasonal changes; one winter may be mild and calm, while the next is harsh and relentless. For this reason, it is important to carefully strategize which trees you will plant, and more importantly, where you will plant them.

Continue reading to learn which tree species are most resistant to ice and winter storm damage, as well as, some tips that will help you make a safe, long-term plan for your property.

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Indianapolis Tree Service 317-590-1842

Winter Tree Damage

Winter time in Indiana is usually unpredictable. We never know if we should expect an early winter with lots of snow and ice, or if winter will come late and we will have an extended fall season instead. This is why tree planning is so important. Not only do you need to consider protecting your trees through the changing seasons, you must also think about protecting your property and its surroundings.

Winter snow, ice, hail, and harsh winds can cause an extreme amount of damage to a tree, especially if the tree is already diseases, damaged, or dying. In turn, the amount of winter damage can cause structural damages to your home, power lines, vehicles, and worst of all, people. This is why you do not want an unhealthy tree to be located near anything it can fall on top of. With winter-resistant tree species, you can better prevent the possibility of tree damage and fallen trees.

Here are some top-recommended tree species that hold up well in the winter:

🙓 American Sweet Gum
🙓 Arborvitae
🙓 Black Walnut
🙓 Blue Beech
🙓 Catalpa
🙓 Eastern Hemlock
🙓 Ginkgo
🙓 Ironwood
🙓 Kentucky Coffee Tree
🙓 Norway Maple
🙓 Little Leaf Linden
🙓 Silver Linden
🙓 Swamp White Oak
🙓 White Oak

If Storm Damage Happens

If you have a storm-damaged tree on your property, be sure to have it inspected by a licensed Indianapolis tree service company to ensure it does not pose any safety hazards to people, pets, or property. In the case that a damaged or dying tree is near such areas, it is strongly encouraged to have it removed before the harshest of winter weather conditions are here.

Next spring, when you plant your new winter-resistant trees, be sure to also stay on top of routine tree care, such as pruning, watering, and fertilizing. See our blog, “The 5 Parts of Spring Tree Care” to review some tips for routine tree care.

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